Overnight Boarding

Overnight Boarding

Overnight Boarding

Overnight Boarding

At Malibu Coast Pet Retreat, we know that pets are family. That’s why we take a personalized, lovingly thorough, and detailed approach to our pet care. We want your fur baby to feel comfortable during their stay with us, and aim to customize their experience to meet their needs and personalities.

Our state-of-the-art facility features an enclosed walking track, 3 play yards, and various suite accomodations to choose from! With Malibu Coast Animal Hospital on-site, we are also easily able to coordinate care should any health concerns arise in pets staying with us. This also allows us to administer medications (including injectables), which many boarding facilities are not able to do! We take pride in our high standard of care, cleanliness, and professionalism at Malibu Coast Pet Retreat, taking care of pets in our community 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

All Boarding Reservations with Us Include:

  • 5 Potty-break Walks/day (dogs only)

  • Daily Bathroom Usage Tracking

  • Daily Eating Habits Tracking

  • Daily Weight Tracking

  • Continuous Fresh Water

  • Tailored Meal Service

  • Comfortable Bedding

  • A Health Assessment

Walks take place outside of our facility at Legacy Park, or in our enclosed, open-air artificial grass track within our facility. This depends on your pet's preferences and needs, as well as weather. Both provide the opportunity for your pet to walk, sniff around, and use the bathroom.

Our Enrichment Services

We know all pets have different energy levels, personalities, and needs, so we offer additional enrichment services to help customize their experience further. Contact our office for more details on these services!

Physical Enrichments

​​​Extended Exercise (Dogs only)
An extra, 30 minute nature walk through Legacy Park (dogs only.)

Personalized Play & Socializations (fka. "VIP Play Time")
30 minutes of one-on-one time with an attendant, toys, belly rubs, and more!

Food Enrichment

Takes place in a pet’s private suite or kitty condo. Owners can provide their pet’s food items for this enrichment service, or we can use our in-house food items: peanut butter, treats, and/or wet food. Please inquire if you would like to know more about our in-house items. There are two options for Snack-ertainment: LickMat or Puzzle Toy.

  • Puzzle Toy (dogs only)
    This fun and challenging food toy designed for pets provides great mental stimulation, engaging challenge, play, and yummy rewards. Puzzle toys release or give access to food or treats after being manipulated by a pup.

  • Lick Mats

    • may encourage food interest

    • may calm and soothe your pet by helping release endorphins through licking

    • scrape food pieces and odor-causing pieces off your pet’s tongue, promoting healthier teeth, gums and fresher breath

  • Lick mats encourage dogs and cats to lick them once food is spread on its grooves (such as peanut butter or wet food.) Along with being very yummy, lick mats:

Spa Services

  • Nail Trim/Dremel ($28)

  • Anal Gland Expression ($30)

  • Ear Clean ($35)

  • Medication Administration ($8-$25)

Dog Boarding Accommodations

Paradise Cove Suites

Our Paradise Cove Suites are located in our indoor, temperature-controlled dog facility. These suites feature glass fronts and solid side panels that allow your canine companion to feel safe and secure without the feeling of complete confinement. These 8 suites measuring 6’x3’ allow ample space for one small or medium dog, or 2 smaller dogs (max combined weight 45Ibs).

Surfrider Suites

​​​​Our open-air and climate-controlled Surfrider Suites measure 5.5’ x 5’. Each suite features glass fronts, solid thick walls, and individual fans and heaters that create a noise-reduced, peaceful atmosphere inside each individual suite. These suites are located just a few feet away from the hub of the hospital. This is a perfectly tranquil space for a single dog of any size (they will appreciate the space!) and up to 4 dogs (max combined weight 225 lbs) from the same family.

Exceeding the weight limit or need more space? We also have our Surfrider XL Family Suites available for more space to relax in. The options of a plush bed and/or blankets, a chew proof padded mat, and a raised platform bed are provided along with a tailored meal service with clean food and water dishes at every meal.

Zuma Suites

​​​​​​​Our largest accommodation is our ever-popular, six open-air and climate-controlled Zuma Suites. Measuring at 6ft x 6ft, each suite features glass fronts as well as heating. This offers a spacious area for a dog of any size, or up to 4 dogs from the same family with a max combined weight of 225lbs. We provide bed options of a plush bed and/or blankets, a chew-proof padded mat, and/or a raised platform bed. Tailored meal service with fresh food and water dishes at every meal are also provided.

​​​​​​​Cat Boarding Accommodations

Kitty Condos​​​​​​​

Our kitty condos are set up to be the perfect home-away-from-home for your feline friend. Our condos include a built-in feeding & watering ledge, a shelf to rest on, and a private area for the litter box. As your kitties health and happiness is of the utmost importance to us, our condos have been fitted with glass fronts and internal air ducts to prevent the spread of germs between cats, as well as soft-close hinges to prevent loud noises when closing the condo door which can startle cats and lead to stress or anxiety.

​​​​​​​Have more than one feline family member? The Malibu Coast Kitty Condos have portholes that allow us to create a multi-unit luxury space for a family of two or more felines!

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